24 may organized by the Latvian Agency of investments and development and the Embassy of India in Sweden of the Latvian-Indian business forum the President of LDz Edwin Berzins stressed that the company is interested to develop cooperation with India, and encouraged potential partners to use the Latvian transport and logistics industry services and opportunities. He emphasized on the advantages of the Latvian ports, mentioning that they do not freeze in winter, and the cargo in Scandinavia at any time of the year may be delivered from them in 24 hours. "Freight transport in Latvia because of its geographical position serves as a bridge between East and West and between North and South," said E. Berzins.

LDz President and Chairman of the Board "Latvian railway Loģistika" Werner Lusis also met with the Director General of the Indian company "GSI Logistics Private Ltd." By Gaurav Uppalam. Talks with him about the cooperation started already in the beginning of this year, while attending the LDz at the international logistics exhibition in India. During the meeting both sides discussed cooperation in the transport corridor North–South, including the selection of the most efficient node consolidation in the region of the Arabian sea. As stressed by G. Uppal, the region should focus on the acquisition of LCL (loose container load), their processing and further transportation via Iran to Europe. The businessman praised the effectiveness of possible corridor Iran–Russia–Latvia and stressed that a great work requires the development of cooperation with European customers for which a significant role is played by the choice of route. G. Uppal also expressed interest in cooperation at the stage of consolidation of goods with existing partners from India and other countries in the region of the Arabian sea.

Shortly after that an Indian businessman had a meeting with the state Secretary of the Ministry of communications Kaspar Ozolins, who noted that in connection with the change in the world increases the need for more rapid and efficient transportation of various cargoes. The joint forces of this opportunity should be taken, as developing existing transport nodes and creating new ones. Katalinich said that Latvia's participation in the transport corridor North–South has the full support of the state, and partners in India and in other countries you can count on it.

In turn, on may 25 at a meeting in LDz attended by representatives from various industries, including logistics, industry, information technology and engineering industry wishing to expand their activities in Europe. Indian entrepreneurs recognized that the location of Latvia is very beneficial strategically, it can contribute to the activities of Indian businessmen in other European countries, so the field of freight and logistics is a priority area of cooperation.

Introducing guests with previous experience of Latvian railway cargo transportation, the Chairman of the Board "Latvian railway Loģistika" V. Lusis informed them about future development plans in Salaspils multimodal logistics hub and the opportunities within 24-48 hours to deliver cargo from Latvian ports to ports in other European countries. V. Lusis also mentioned that the experience in organization of cargo transportation from China to Latvia and back, thus confirming the competence of Latvia in the development of transport corridors such scale.

The delegation of Indian businessmen has praised the LDz network of routes, finding it impressive. Thus as preconditions for successful cooperation was mentioned coupling train, and sea routes, which is important for the development of activities in Europe.