The concert began with a 45-minute delay. Ilves welcomed the guests in Finnish, and then spoke in English, sometimes telling funny stories between songs. For example, told about the career of a teacher: "I told the students about the band the Ramones, has taught them rock-n-roll. Later, one student even wrote me that I changed his life".

Most of the guests had no clue about what thi does. "Yes, I know his name and that he is the President of Estonia, but nothing more," admitted one participant.

When you have played a lot of songs, the Estonian President said that the energy in the room diminished. "You Estonians! Dance, please," he asked, slightly revived the audience.

In the show, Toomas Hendrik Ilves went to sign autographs, and it lined up. After the concert Ilves quickly went into the back room, and all the Estonian-language audience has gone home.

Ilves was born in Stockholm in 1953. Subsequently his family left for the United States. There the future President of Estonia spent his childhood and teenage years.

Ilves worked in the European Parliament, head of the Social democratic party of Estonia. The President of the country he was elected on 23 September 2006, his powers on this post expires in August 2016.