Rating of recognition of the founder of the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny after anti-corruption stock on June 12 was 55% — the same as it was in March of this year. This is evidenced by a survey by the Levada center, devoted to politics and his anti-corruption rallies.

The lack of dynamics in this parameter coincides with a recent study FOM: according to their measurements in March and June, the level of recognition of the Bulk remained almost unchanged and amounted to 45% and 43% respectively.

No major changes since March were not only the rating of recognition of an opposition politician, but the attitude towards him and his actions. In June, 30% of respondents suggested that the Bulk of acts in the interests of the West. In March such opinion was shared by 28% (the change is within the statistical error). View of the relationship of opposition with the West Babbitt shared not only because of state propaganda, but also because it still mixes the position of the liberal opposition and Navalny on the question of supplies of Crimea, political scientist Nikolay Mironov.

Not much has changed and the percentage of those who connect the Bulk of the investigation with his presidential campaign (31% in March and 28% in June). The number of respondents who felt that the politician acts in the interests of a certain group of persons in authority, up 4% from 17% to 21%. The percentage of people confident that Navalny is investigating corruption in the interests of Russia, in March and June remained unchanged— 12%.

According to the analyst Abbas Gallyamov, that awareness Bulk is not increased due to the June protest, no wonder. Society was shocked due to the unexpected scale of the March protests, but later adapted, and new protests have not rocked him, he explained to RBC. Worked and a favorable political context — Bulk stuck in the fight with billionaire Alisher Usmanov, and the government coped with antiregulation protest, said Gallyamov.

However, according to the analyst, frost ratings may be temporary: people's interest in politics may increase as you get closer to the election, and the awareness of Bulk — increase due to activity of staff.

The lack of growth recognition policy for the last four months can be attributed to the fact that he has reached "the limit", suggested in a conversation with RBC Deputy Chairman of the scientific Council of the VTsIOM Vladimir Petukhov. "Then you need to look at the last four months, and that since 2011, its recognition grew by 50%. This is a fantastic growth, I can't remember if there were any such cases. But now Navalny, it seems, has reached its limit, and that popularity has grown, he needs to find a new audience," — said the sociologist.

Awareness about anti-corruption actions increased: as in March, now it is 61%. Almost not changed the opinion of the respondents about why people took part in protests. In March, 36% of respondents felt that the protesters took to the streets to Express their indignation at the corruption and unjust enrichment of those who are now in power, and in June the number was 35%.

22% respondents in March and 24% in June found that the participants shares the Bulk simply desire to protest. 16% in March and 19% in June suggested that people came to the rally out of curiosity and for the company. The percentage of people who saw the protests, the unrest situation in the country and domestic policies, for four months decreased. In March, stated that 38% of respondents, and in June— 29%.

Still remained and the approval of organized Navalny protests: 38% in spring and 39% in June. Has not changed people's opinions about the police action at the rally in March those who felt that the security forces acted under the authority, was 38% in June— 40%.