According to the source, which refers to site data Aamaq used by terrorists for propaganda, the militants declare that the armed clash in addition to the five Russians also killed several members of Lebanese group Hezbollah fighters and Syrian government troops.

"The soldiers of the Caliphate, by the grace of Allah killed five Russian soldiers and six members of the Syrian army", — is spoken in the message distributed by the terrorists. In addition, it is reported that among the dead Russians could be "military adviser" of the army of the Russian Federation.

Clarify how the journalists of the Daily Mail, also referencing the portal Aamaq, "four Russian soldiers were killed West of Palmyra in an attempt to recapture the territory controlled by ISIS, and the military adviser, whose body hit on a video released by the terrorists was killed near the village of al-Dawa".

Journalists noted that on the record, published by the militants, in addition to bodies in military uniform have also seen a few AK-74, ammunition, a compass, ammo, and instruction for soldiers in the Russian language.

In the human rights organization Syrian center for supervision of human rights (Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the SOHR) confirmed to reporters that, according to them, near Palmyra was indeed a few military advisers from Russia, but accurate data on the deaths of Russian soldiers in the defenders.2.*

Officials from Syria and the Russian authorities has not yet commented on the information about the alleged deaths of Russian soldiers.

On the eve of President Vladimir Putin, at a meeting in the Kremlin with servicemen who distinguished themselves during the military operation in Syria, and the widows of the deceased, confirmed the death of Russian military Feodor Zhuravlev, whose death was not formally reported. Thus, according to official figures, since the beginning of military operation in Syria killed five Russian soldiers.

Putin earlier in the week ordered from 15 March to begin the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria. The President explained that before the Armed forces of the Russian Federation the task is completed. It was noted that the Russian military base in Syria will operate in previous mode.