Islamic state needs money

Knowledge of the Quran can help a little to save the Iraqis and Syrians living in areas controlled by ISIS. The correct answers to questions from jihadists, concerning the Holy book of Muslims, save from monetary fines, to pay for which is necessary if people are unable to reproduce the necessary information.

Questions about the Koran is not just another way of ideological persecution by terrorists of civilians. First of all we are talking about getting a new source of income. The financial situation of the IG is so dire that the group have to rely on very limited funds, this information leads the consulting firm Information Handling Services (IHS), in a study that deals with the financial position of the IG.

According to the company, the income of the "Islamic state" in recent years has decreased significantly. If in mid-2015, the Treasury IG was monthly received about $ 80 million, currently this figure has dropped to 56 million.

"Islamic state" still has the power in the region, however, the lower incomes are significant and represent a growing problem for the long term survival of the group" — says one of the study's authors Ludovico Carlino.

The consequences of air attacks

According to IHS, a great damage to the terrorist organization launched air raids and the Russian American air force. Over the past 15 months, "Islamic state" has lost about 22 percent of the territory controlled by it, said another study author Columbus Strak.

Loss look much more dramatic if we take into account the number of people living in ISIS controlled areas. In early 2015, their number amounted to about 9 million people, today there are 6 million.

Population is important for terrorists because the organization's budget is half of "taxes" and confiscations. People living in controlled by the militants territory, are obliged to pay their taxes — and often dispossessed. First of all it concerns those who do not belong to the Sunni branch of Islam.

Missiles for oil transportation

About 43 percent of the revenue the fighters receive from the sale of oil. So that it hurt the loss of strategically important territories. In addition, the Americans deliberately bombed the transport system of the "Islamic state".

These raids show, among other things, change the strategy of the United States. For a long time, the United States turned a blind eye to trade ISIS oil, since it comprised a large number of civilians. According to the Americans, if they bombed the base field or the path of transportation of oil, that would set up himself against part of the population.

Truck, safely carrying 30 thousand liters of crude oil to the destination, provides its owners an income of around 4 thousand dollars per trip. "This was a powerful support of the Caliphate," the scientists write, University of Greenwich George Kiourktsoglou and Alec D. Coutroubis published in 2015 a study on oil deals ISIS.

However, after the terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015, the Americans and Europeans decided to change its strategy against the militants. After just a few weeks after the terrorist attacks of about one third of the 900 owned by IG trucks were destroyed.

Blocked Bank accounts

In addition, some of the money ISIS receives as donations, which have played a particularly important role in the beginning of the civil war in Syria. Most of the money was obtained from individuals from the countries of the Persian Gulf, particularly from Saudi Arabia. The government has only now become clear that measures must be taken to counter these financial flows, commented Sebastian Sons of the German society for foreign policy.

"However, the Saudis still have not managed to block the financial flows coming from private persons, charity organizations and foundations. Even despite the fact that the work was started almost immediately after September 11, 2001, and still every effort is made to move in this direction. Here still needed some work," said Sons in an interview with DW.

Air strikes and the promotion of the Syrian and Iraqi armies continue to aggravate the financial position of the IG. The more reduced belonging to the organization of the territory, the smaller the income derived by jihadists from trafficking, sale of drugs, as well as redemption.

The budget group is reduced not only due to military action. For example, the Iraqi authorities forbade banks that are in ISIS controlled territory, conducting international transactions.

In addition, Baghdad no longer pay the salary of employees who live in areas captured by ISIS. The total amount of money received by people in these regions, accounted for about 170 million dollars a month. About 10 percent of this amount "Islamic state" was taken in the form of "taxes".

People and organizations collaborating with ISIS, around the world listed in the black list. Listed also are not able to carry out any banking transactions.

Earnings halved

"Islamic state has reacted to monetary loss. According to the New York Times, the salary of the militants was halved.
ISIS weakened, but not defeated, warns Middle East expert from the University of Mainz Guenter Meyer. According to him, has long been thousands of militants relocated from Syria to Libya.

"Libya is a failed state. It is obvious that "Islamic state" sees its future, so that even in case of defeat in Syria and Iraq will be too early to talk about the dissolution of the group," stresses Mayer.

Thus, the terrorist organization will again be partially capable. "So do not count as complete destruction of the "Islamic state" in Muslim countries, and reduction of the terrorist threat in Europe," concluded Meyer.