Speaking globally, not delving into the features of each shape and color type, the better and more selected clothing, the better it will look in the photo. It can be elegant dress accentuates your figure, and wide sports hoodie in a bold print — most importantly, remember — Shibata, synthetic blouse with sloppy seams threads sticking out and would look tacky even on the most beautiful girl!

If you want to look a little slimmer, try flared trousers with high waist, and the top balance the tight blouse or shirt. The way additional shoes on the platform or a high heel — you will achieve even greater harmony.

Summer is a special time! After all this time, dresses and skirts! But for photo shoots is not necessary to choose the extremely short versions. The perfect length skirt or dress (especially with tight patterns) — knee.

Speaking of dresses — do not forget that this season is especially popular lace. Outfits from it will decorate any photo!

In addition, the bright accessories look great in photos. It can be large earrings with tassels, and complex necklaces, and scarves, and wide bracelets. But if you're in the mood to experiment, try a temporary tattoo or henna fashion now do they make "gold". After this season, the Eastern and tropical motifs again in the top!

Don't forget about the creative approach! If you're tan — best color of your skin will accentuate the bright clothes. Also will look great on you bright colors: emerald, scarlet, yellow.

And, of course, very important for a photo is your pose! For example, Purewow says that you need to stand on the heels (or toes), and visually you will immediately become more slender and toned. Also works great and another way to "shift": if you are sitting, turn to the photographer to 3/4. If you don't put both feet on one line. Straighten your back, chin up. And remember, you're irresistible!

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