In a statement posted on the organization's website, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko urged to protect freedom of expression and dissemination of information in the country.

According to HRW, it should cancel the decision to block the mentioned social networks, as well as Russian search engine "Yandex" and of several Russian TV channels.

"This is another example of how easily President Poroshenko attempts to arbitrarily take control of the public discourse in Ukraine", — said Tanya Cooper, HRW responsible for the Ukrainian direction of.

"Poroshenko may be trying to justify his final decision, but in fact it is a cynical, politically deliberate attack on freedom to disseminate information that directly affects the personal life and the work of millions of Ukrainians", — she added.

The decree Poroshenko on the introduction of sanctions against Russian citizens and companies, among other things, providing for the locking of the Russian social networks, officially took effect on Wednesday.

According to the decree, Internet service providers ordered to block access to social networks "Vkontakte" and "Classmates", the website of the holding Mail.Ru Group consisting of these social networks, "Yandex".

Also sanctions a ban on broadcasting and the freezing of assets imposed on RBC TV, "TV Center", VGTRK and "NTV Plus" TNT and "Star".

Decree Poroshenko also expanded the list of individuals subject to sanctions to include journalists, deputies of the state Duma, the military and judges. Only in the "black list" of Ukraine now are 1228 people and 468 companies.