That suggests that the school is good? The results of centralized examinations? Hard dressage school students who ask a million homework at the same time? Sports infrastructure? Bloated in numbers classes and what they all say – "it's a prestigious school"? Maybe just choose one that is closer to home? Even if we have no choice, we still rely that the school will be OK".

Hardly anyone of the parents manages to find a perfect middle ground. In any case, it's a lottery. Even getting the language or math, can be something to lose. What would be wonderful imagination nor described with the school and the curriculum, in the end, it is all about the effectiveness of cooperation at the level of "teacher-student". And, of course, the environment and family.

We all hope that the new education, the so-called "formation of competences", is something new in content and learning style. That's not going to be the same cancers in a different package. And that the result will not cause frustration. But first we need to define what a competence is and how it will be expressed in practice. Even if written in a wonderful, infinitely inspiring words, critically thinking people understand that in reality, we face serious obstacles.

Firstly, it is with great classes and even a too large number of students. The principle of "money follows the student" may have played a cruel joke with us. If we assume that the class is a service through which the student receives a certain product - knowledge, skills, and abilities (competence), and he provides this service, - to obtain the services necessary favorable conditions. What is the size of the group in which it is best to learn? 8-15 people, maximum of 20, isn't it?

This is a classic case, when, due to attempts to increase productivity (including the salary of the teachers and the school budget), the product itself is destroyed. Did the actors of the National theatre will improve your productivity, playing a production twice as fast and showing two performances per night, at the same time having at a furious pace to deliver the audience home? It would seem that the teacher can increase their productivity by teaching, for example, physics from three classes in the auditorium, or the music of 20 schools at a time on the big scene is considered. But the quality of the product will decrease, if he can't pay enough attention to each individually. Overcrowded classrooms is robbing schoolchildren Nr.1.

Secondly, it is excessively liberal approach in education that, in my opinion, over time only reinforces a kind of entropy in the country. Too many rights and too little discipline. Some have too little responsibility, overly broad interpretation of their rights, which in many cases turns into tyranny. Others have too few instruments of influence. Actors can present themselves. The result is a young man who is not accustomed to discipline, will not be able enough to organize themselves for studying at the University (even if you get on the budget) to put in order personal life.

In the end we get a smaller percentage capable graduates with high IQ. Discipline is the decision to do what you do not want in the future to achieve what you really want. And the school should more strictly to demand. Especially in terms of using gadgets in the classroom and the relationship to the teacher. The teacher is not chocolate, it should not make the student happy, allowing the lessons to chat in fb. It is possible that the lack of standards of discipline in the school in the future, be robbing students Nr. 2.

Thirdly, it is teachers ' salaries. How she motivates you to be a teacher and work hard? How prestigious profession? According to one colleague, a teacher of the sport, how many years the teacher every 40 minutes can remain high-quality, original and creative "actor"? This "ideal" teacher is coming home totally exhausted. He has no energy and time for their own children. The better the teacher is, the faster it burns out!

Awareness of mission does not inspire, if you do not have enough money for healthy food. No one can long withstand the load caused by its own high standards of quality work. Occurs routine, reduced the usefulness of the lessons. And so, forgive me, dear embezzlers, including your children Willy-nilly, be at a loss. Because the budget is not enough money for adequate salaries and the maintenance of small classes. As a modern and better training of future teachers. This is pure robbing of teachers, which automatically turns into robbing schoolchildren Nr. 3.

And now the sports teacher. He with whom we associate? So, who drives, compels, tortures? With a special guru of sports and health? In my opinion, many do not realize that it is harder all the school employs a PE teacher. Though, because his job requires great physical strength and stamina, voice and nerves. And, of course, what responsibility! For comparison try, for example, to cope with the pupils who sit quietly at their desks, or for those who are under the influence of uncontrollable energy wants to ride and go crazy. Try in such conditions, in noise, in the epicenter of the activity is to teach the movements, exercises to develop physical qualities. Try to protect them from injury and over the years to keep sane, not to degrade. It really is a challenge!

So I got loud and dirigistes to demand: to raise the PE teachers wages in half! Either reduce the load by half while retaining the same salary (or what it there will be a new model). This will give the opportunity to maintain health and inspiration, as well as earn somewhere else. Or another option – two teacher activities for one class during the lesson. As a man sport, I know how hard it is physically to develop one pupil. Imagine how difficult it is to implement a quality program when at the gym involved just two classes a minimum of 20 people each! And who wants to take on this mission for a teacher's salary?

Then, all on whom it depends, give the best conditions for the work of teachers of sport, go to meet, provide infrastructure, premises, even on the territory of the other government's across the street! This is because you can negotiate? I heard sometimes classes do not produce on the football pitch. Sorry, we football power? Brazil nervously smokes on the sidelines? In such cases it is important to achieve positive resolutions to teacher to successfully implement the program the Ministry of education.

By the way, with regard to the results of the work of the PE teacher. All that is taught at the Sports Academy physical activity, exercise physiology, sports psychology, pedagogy... All this is contrary to the lesson length 40 minutes. After all, the teacher at its best is about 12 minutes to the main part of training and development. On one class. And what do we want?

And to play sports right after lunch... Or sweaty and hungry after sport to run to your next class? This is clearly contrary to the norms of hygiene and health. Although some of these norms are not interested, if we ourselves do not have to participate. Or hell am I again? Yes, and will continue until something changes!

Now count how many days of the year in a growing child should have physical activity. To get at least half (though really need more). It turns out 182. How many lessons of sports is in school? 70-71. Negligible 70 lessons! Even if in separate schools infrastructure will allow you to enter the third lesson of the sport in ALL classes, this is not enough! Yes and to any one student during the year do not attend all the lessons of sports. What do the children who additionally do not train, do not attend sports clubs and, apparently, will never play sports? Imagine that the competence of physical education first of all means development of the body and physical ability, good posture, and motor skills. So what should be accents on those few lessons of sports? What comes first, what's second?

Any teacher, regardless of genetics and other factors, something is strong and can show good results in some exercises, sport items, motion. Anyone can motivate and teach basic things. Anyone is able to master the theoretical values about your body, health and physical interaction with the environment and climatic conditions. Any need to teach the basics of sports physiology. Not to give in school these fundamental things is another robbing students. And jumping on the concrete pavement can be classified as the robbing of health.

Next topic – homework. I think often too many of them. Especially in the so-called prestigious schools. As if it is the guarantor of some superabrasive. In sport the possible excessive load, but the same applies to theoretical subjects. Especially if combined ask volume projects, involving also parents (after all, we are tireless robots). Characteristically, the teachers don't even agree on the amount of material, so often these marathons are devastating on several items. As if the life of a student consists of one study. I know, I have three children.

What is the effect? Just mind-blowing! Overloading the Central nervous system, stress, reduced immunity, disease, deterioration of behavior, perception changes, nervousness, aggressiveness, apathy, bad habits as a compensatory mechanism (the students bite their nails, smoke, etc.). Training material developed more than superficially, the identity in some sense, consciously degraded. Perhaps with serious consequences. The most capable and hard-working can survive, but at what cost? The result is decreased motivation, reluctance to go to school. In fact, it turns into an inability to learn efficiently. It is a kind of robbing students. Homework, of course, necessary, but in adequate amounts.

Especially because all children are different. Those growing in less favorable environment (although not only), generally have poorer intellectual and social potential. It's harder for them to concentrate, to observe standards of conduct and disciplines