The suspension of the public procurement process can seriously complicate the situation in various industries, but especially great damage can be done to projects related to road construction. Only in this area is possible the price of negligence is 90 million euros, it could spell disaster for the Latvian companies engaged in construction of roads. Only in may and June it was planned to announce eight associated with the construction of roads tenders, the amount of each of which exceeds 5,225 million euros.

Newspaper Latvijas Avize writes that it is planned to ask the Sejm to consider the new Law on public procurement in an urgent procedure, in order not to paralyze the use of means from EU funds.

17 April was the deadline of the transposition of the two EU directives into the legislation of the country. In order not to lose money from EU funds, the Ministry of Finance warned of the need to postpone the holding of major competitions until the moment when the Directive will be transferred to the Latvian laws and regulations.

New version of the Law on public procurement and the Law on the providers of public services was considered at the meeting of state secretaries in the last year, however beyond this stage the work did not progress, because stakeholders expressed a lot of opinions about the new laws, and, in addition, there is the lobbying of different interests, explains Latvijas Avīze.

The new Law on public procurement stipulates that the lowest price would no longer be the main criterion will be to evaluate the candidates. In turn, small purchases will be considered purchases whose value exceeds 10 thousand euros and 4 thousand euros as of now.