"The way it was conceived 56 years ago — wonderful people came up with the WHC as a weapon against NATO and the so much time it was perfected, and now, thank God, perfected", he said.

Center for strategic communication NATO Stratcom the study "Stratcom laughs. In search of an analytical framework" acknowledged the transfer of KVN tool of political strategic communications. The customer was the Ministry of defence. The experts analyzed the performances of the Moscow team "Parapaparam" (MGIMO) at the festival "wailing kivin" in 2014 and 2015.

The report concludes that the WHC can be described as a commercial product and business model. "This business is made possible and grows because the owner of the brand KVN special relationship with the Kremlin", — stated in the document.

According to the authors of the study, due to the "car of KVN" the Kremlin has access to specific, strategic audience, which is ready "to serve the regime".

According to experts, further research should be focused on the perception of various audiences KVN, to determine the effectiveness of this type of strategic political communication.