In Bellingcat said that in the East of Ukraine before and after the accident was photographed "Buk", which are visible only the first and last digits are 3 and 2 (the second digit is erased). According to experts, thanks to data from public sources, mainly the publications in social networks, they were able to identify not only a specific weapon, from which, as they claim a shot was fired, but the circle of persons involved in the crash.

The numbers on the "buke", they say in Bellingcat, is the code Department number: the first digit indicates the division, the second battery in the division, and the third conditional the number of machines in the battery.

The members of the group found on the social network "Vkontakte" pictures of three of the Buk" the third division, made from 2009 to 2013. Comparing the features of each of the cars is damage to the hull, the location of the external wiring, in the form of paint spots, oil and grime, as well as the font and the spacing between the numbers — they determined the exact number of machines writes "Russian service Bi-Bi-si". A missed target, as the report says, could be any from 0 to 9.

"None of these features, taken in isolation, does not allow convincing enough to establish compliance. However, the combination of all these distinctive features is a unique set of characteristics and can be considered sufficient to identify a" — say the authors of the report.

According to them, "when comparing the distinguishing features seven SOU a Buk 53rd anti-aircraft missile brigade under the numbers 312, 322 and 332 can be seen that only "Buka 332" there is a coincidence of more than one character with "Buck 3x2". "Four of the observed features can persist over long time, one is partially visible on older images, and the other two are missing," — said in Bellingcat.

The group also claim that "Buk", captured in a convoy in Russia in June 2014, "Beech", discovered on the territory of Donetsk region before and after the disaster and "Buk", which is at the disposal of the 53rd anti-aircraft missile brigade is one and the same machine.

After the publication of the Bellingcat report of the Deputy Minister of defence self-proclaimed Donetsk national Republic Eduard Bacurin said "Interfax" that "the Russian military personnel, including from the 53rd anti-aircraft missile brigade we had no and no." "If we had them then or now, the line of contact would be much further," he said.

Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines, a flight Amsterdam — Kuala Lumpur crashed on July 17 in Donetsk region of Ukraine. All aboard 298 people — 15 crew members and 283 passengers were killed. Among the dead were citizens of ten countries, most of them — the citizens of the Netherlands.

The security Council of the Netherlands in mid-October 2015 released a report on the results of the investigation of the reasons of the crash Malaysian Boeing in the East of Ukraine. According to investigators, the aircraft was shot down issued from Russia-manufactured anti-aircraft missile complex "Buk 9M38 missile with a warhead 9Н314М. Rocket "earth — air" exploded less than one meter to the left of the cockpit, installed by the experts. The fact that the plane was shot down, the report no doubt, however, who exactly, is not yet established.

Earlier Bellingcat report in which the responsibility for the delivery of the Buk missile system in the Donbass assigned to the Russian military. The authors of the investigation told the names and ranks of the servicemen involved in the operation. In the defense Ministry this version called Bellingcat "conspiracy theories". The Department stated that no standing armed set of defense of the Russian-Ukrainian state border is not crossed.