Mane first of all Latvian participants of the championship athlete, who managed to reach the final in its form. In qualifying she showed the fifth result of 6.58 meters.

On that rainy day, none of the 30 women are unable to fulfill the norm, so the finalists were selected based on the results. And they were very tight. Russian Daria Klishina won with a score of 6.66 m. American Tianna of Bartolata lost her just two centimeters, the Briton Lorraine Ugen three, the Mane eight. By the way, for our 32-year-old girl is the first world Cup final in his career.

And what about Straubinger? In qualifying spear Latvian athlete has not reached up to 80 meters. His best attempt was the second — 79,68 meters. With this result he finished 10th place in their qualifying group, and in total — 19-E. the winner of the qualification was the German Johannes Vetter. In his best attempt he sent a spear at 91,20 meters is the fourth best result in the javelin in the history of the world Championships.

The final involving 12 javelin will be held on August 12. And the day before, determined three champion. American Kori Carter won gold in the 400m hurdles, her compatriot Christian Taylor won the triple jump, and the representative of Turkey Ramil Guliyev was the fastest for the 200m. He became the second in history after the white Greek Kostas Kenteris (2001) athlete who managed to win a sprint race at the world Championships.

Team USA continues to lead the medal standings after seven days of the world Cup. The Americans have 19 awards, and six of them were gold. Followed by team Kenya — 7 (3-1-3), South Africa — 5 (2-1-2), Poland — 4 (1-2-1), China — 4 (1-2-1) and Ethiopia 1-2-0 (3). Russia unofficially divides the 20-th place with one silver medal.

By the way, soon the Russians will be a good opportunity to add to the medal stock. Russian Maria Laecken — a clear contender for the gold in the high jump. Before she reached the final of the first breaking the qualifying standard of 1.92 m. the Decisive events in this kind of program will be held on Saturday.