Over the past two years cooperation with grain producers has increased significantly, and the LDz for the season of grain transportation works, primarily, with the Latvian entrepreneurs, confirmed at the beginning of the meeting, the President of Latvian railway. He added that the LDz is not concentrated only on large manufacturers of grain — important for every entrepreneur, including small market participants.

For this cooperation to be effective, E. Berzins urged corn farmers to promptly provide all the information on the expected volume of traffic to the LDz, for their part, can plan the required number of wagons and loading infrastructure. At the same time, to substantially facilitate the administrative side of the collaboration E. Berzins encouraged the entrepreneurs to use the services of the Agency "one-stop" provided by a subsidiary company of Latvian railway — "LDz Loģistika" and offer the LDz electronic document, which will reduce administrative costs for enterprises and time. In turn, V. Lusis called grain producers to explore for their products and the Chinese market, given the volume of which is possible competitive price.

Grain producers for its part praised the collaboration established over the last two years with LDz, particularly emphasizing the possibility of using the services of the Agency "one-stop" simplifies everyday business activities. The entrepreneurs also expressed wishes for a timely availability of wagons and uninterrupted, without delay, to their promotion.

Last year the infrastructure of the LDz as a whole was transported 1.67 million tonnes of grain. The largest amount of transport was observed in August and September, when it amounted to more than 0.5 million tons, Approximately the same amount of grain was transported by rail for the first 5 months of this year.