So, many residents of Latvia receive a telephone offer to purchase the stock or currency. During the negotiations, explain to them that they are online will be able to track your transactions, including investment and profits. To participate in this scheme they offer to transfer a certain amount, and then are asked to immediately increase the contribution, promising greater benefits. But, when a client decides to withdraw their investments, it turns out that this is impossible, and the reseller is no longer available.

Employees of the Economic police explained that the criminal scheme involved individuals who illegally sell securities and currencies. Therefore, residents of Latvia are encouraged to contact the companies which do not have a special license, and do not transfer money to Bank account "ephemeral".

The police also remind you that mediators cannot pass details of their payment and credit cards, authorization codes and other information, and do not use questionable payment platform on the Internet.

The Commission on the financial and capital market, in turn, reminds us that to provide the population with services for transactions with securities and currency can only license enterprise. The list of such companies available on the homepage of the Commission here.