The resolution, initiated by the head of the Committee for security and combating corruption Irina Spring ("United Russia"), prepared jointly by the committees on foreign Affairs, as well as for security and combating corruption.

State Duma deputies "are outraged by a new attempt of rehabilitation of Nazism and glorification of Nazi criminals and their accomplices, which is taken by the heirs of the fascist ideology in Latvia and their patrons, including in Brussels," reads the document.

"The MPs are convinced that such a cynical and insulting to the memory of millions of victims of SS executioners event was made possible only with the connivance of the EU and NATO, including Latvia, as well as with the tacit support of politicians in Europe and the USA who are trying to use in their tactical anti-Russian purposes the political legacy of Nazism," — said in the decree.

Previously Deputy Chairman of the state Duma, Deputy Secretary of the General Council of the party "United Russia" Sergei Zheleznyak was indignant with that in the procession on the day of legionaries Waffen SS in Riga March 16, was attended by the speaker of the Sejm Inara Murniece, and called the event a "Nazi Sabbath".

In turn, the mayor of Riga nil Ushakov thanked the citizens that every year the number wishing to participate in the March of legionaries SS decreases. He noted that the event this year was attended by about 800-900 people, while in 2015 it was about a thousand participants in 2014 — one and a half thousand, and in 2013 — three thousand.

Remembrance day of the Latvian Legionnaires in honor of the formation, which was part of SS troops, was established in Latvia in 2008. It is celebrated on March 16. On this day, official events are traditionally held in the centre of Riga, as well as in the village of lestene, where is the common cemetery of Legionnaires.