"Due to the fact that it took place, and despite the fact that it broke off and after it all the time shoved it this impulse has given to our country, to our people, but also the whole world in motion," — said Gorbachev.

He also, answering the question, called the Leonid Brezhnev "is a very ambiguous phenomenon." "I saw Leonid Brezhnev, when he was still relatively young... loved Him as a person, he was a man of peace, but sin was fair. I will not enumerate — we have not gathered for that," said the former leader of the Soviet Union and the Communist party.

At the presentation of his book politics recalled the view that in the West it is more popular. "But I'm not going to travel to the West, I live in Russia," — said Gorbachev.

He added that in his book he recalls the events of different years. "That's why I say: a hodgepodge. Tasty, interesting — that you have to judge, everyone has their own taste, maybe you like a completely different bag," said Gorbachev.

Earlier, Mikhail Gorbachev Saval that the Belovezhskaya agreement of 1991 was, in fact, revolution and betrayal, and his decision to leave the post of President of the USSR in December 1991 was correct.

"The Union is a drama my way I think, and the drama of our whole Commonwealth, Union. You imagine that the situation is difficult, but conducted the elections, put together a team, and she created, actually, representatives of all republics — the exit from the crisis. Even from the Baltic States said that they will participate in the program... in Short, life is normal, but the fact is that behind was a betrayal behind my back all done," said Gorbachev.

In his opinion, "it was necessary to decentralize, as the new Republic has grown strongly both in economic and in social terms." According to the former President of the Soviet Union, those who wanted the collapse of the country, failed to hold due to the fact that the population, including intellectuals, believed "that the CIS is also a Union of States, but with greater rights in these States".

"But the most important and most annoying another. The Union fell apart to be without Gorbachev. This audience, which disorganized the country, cared only about power, eagerly rushed to her. They really wanted to be President. This abnormal condition," he said.