39-summer the father of a family with three children sold the house together with other property, including car, motorcycle, children's toys and other available items.

"People say you're crazy," he told Taihuttu. "But we are an adventurous family and we want to play this game of chance. If you never take risks, life is boring", he explained. In the opinion of men, digital currency and blockchain technology will lead to a revolution in the financial system. They can and do transform the role of money and banks in society.

"In five years everyone will say "We should have foreseen this!" I already react to these changes," — said a resident of the Netherlands.

Taihuttu and used to dealing with the cryptocurrency, he pursued this theme in 2010. So far, however, the Dutchman did not allow myself to invest in bitcoin a lot of money. By 2013, he has accumulated a certain amount of cryptocurrencies, equivalent to several hundred euros, and he decided to sell the entire stock. "If I'd known that four years later I would get 10 times more, I would certainly have sold everything. But then I just wanted to make a profit," — says the man.

Taihuttu and his wife decided to sell everything in the summer of 2017, when with his three daughters returned from a nine-month journey through Asia and Australia. And in the journey they went after in early 2016 of cancer at the age of 61 my father died Taihuttu. He sold his business in computer courses, which involved 11 years, and decided to radically and permanently change the situation with his family.

In the spring of 2017, the cost of bitcoin rose to $ 3,000, the rate of other cryptocurrencies have also risen. It made Taihuttu even more to wonder about the future of the adventure. In addition, he took as a positive sign numerous meetings with bitcoin traders during the trip.

85 bitcoins, which the family rescued from the house and the whole property was equivalent to about 300,000 euros. Taihuttu hopes that by 2020 bitcoin is so much jump in price that he and his wife and children will be able to return to usual lifestyle and pay for good education for daughters.

In the meantime, they have to stay in a small Chalet at the campsite — they traded luxury four bedroom house of 200 square meters. Three daughters Taihuttu, which had a separate room, sleeping together in bunk beds. Wife fully supports entrepreneur and believes that the most important is the education of daughters, and you can live modestly.

12 October the exchange rate of bitcoin for the second time in history exceeded the mark of five thousand dollars, set a new record. The course of bitcoin on the maximum reached 5167 dollars, showing an increase of almost 7% for the day.