The visitors of the Museum will be free to explore the renovated Museum and the permanent exhibition "Latvian art. XIX-XX century", as well as two exhibitions prepared for the Museum's opening, — "Miervaldis Policy. Illusion as reality" and "Boris Berzins. Silver/Gold".

The Museum will be open till 18.00, the entrance to the Museum is open until 17.30.

In turn, next to the Museum will be open the exhibition on the construction of Latvian national Museum of art, its history, artists, and stage of the restoration.

In honor of the opening of the Museum to its visitors, inhabitants and guests of the capital prepared a special musical program with participation of famous Latvian singers and musicians — Inga Slubovska-Gancevichi, Elsa Rosenthal, DJ Monsta, limes, Janson, string quartets and Sensus Sotto Voce, vocal group Framest and Anima Solla, Broadcast četratā ensemble that will turn this day into a true celebration of art and music. The music program will go to 20.00.

Detailed holiday program on may 4, posted on the website