Breedlove, in particular, reminded that the number of intelligence analysts specializing in Russia, during the cold war was about 13 000, but three years ago there were only about a thousand.

In the opinion of the commander in chief, U.S. needs to increase the technological power of its intelligence, greater use of spy satellites which are used, for example, when watching the training camps of terrorists.

"We see that Russia has not accepted our hand of friendship, and chose the militant path. We need to rethink the path we are going," said Breedlove.

According to the newspaper, Breedlove, who all his years in the post of commander of NATO in Europe frightened the allies growing aggression of Russia, will leave his post later this month.

With the filing of Breedlove Western countries began to increase its military presence on the Eastern borders of Europe, fear that Russia will invade the Baltic States. In particular, recently it became known about the plans of the US and its allies to shift to the region of the four battalion of the 4000 military.

Two battalions will provide the United States, and one each Germany and United Kingdom. This information was confirmed by the first Deputy Minister of defense Robert Wark. "The Russians spend a lot of sudden teachings, on the borders with neighbors with a large number of military. From our point of view, such behavior is provocative," said the officer earlier this week.

Breedlove in an interview with the American newspaper also stressed that, assuming the post commander, initially assumed that Russia would be a partner, not a rival. However, his first decision was to revise the plan of collective defence and increase the number of military exercises in case of "attack a stronger enemy".

Russia has repeatedly stated that talking about the dangerous actions of Russia close to NATO countries are "unscrupulous attempt to put all "upside down". "It turns out that, expanding more and more, the Alliance is denser close to our borders. The Alliance has already violated the founding act of 1997, which says that there should be permanent placement of substantial combat forces on the territory of new members", — said the Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.