Pompeo, however, recognized that the weapons program Pyongyang is developing very quickly and cause "grave concerns" and pointed out that the new North Korean missile tests should not surprise anyone. In an interview with Fox News, he stressed that "strategic patience" with which Washington looked at the missile and nuclear efforts of North Korea, ended.

To the question about how close North Korea to develop nuclear weapons capable of reaching US territory, the Director of Central intelligence replied, "Now they are closer".

"I have heard those who says that we are on the brink of nuclear war. I haven't seen intelligence indicating that we are in this position," said Pompeo.

U.S. President Donald trump after publications in the media that the DPRK has probably created a nuclear warhead compact enough to be put on its existing ballistic missiles, made a series of harsh statements and tweets, in particular about the fact that he is ready to meet Pyongyang's "fire and fury" and that the military capability to this is already given in full readiness.

North Korea, for its part, issued a plan missile attack on the island of GUAM in the Pacific ocean, which houses key us military bases.