Kozlowski, agreed its proposals with the working group of the Ministry of justice to develop amendments to the Criminal law proposed to clarify that the penalty was imposed for acts against the state of Latvia's independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, state authority or public devices that are not articulated in the Constitution.

Currently no amendments in terms of the inconsistency of such activities with the basic law of the state.

For such actions it is proposed to impose a penalty of deprivation of liberty for a term up to 8 years with the subsequent supervision of up to 3 years. The condition that the punishment for their actions, if they are not provided for in the Constitution, invited to contribute and several other regulations.

The Minister proposes to amend to eliminate any doubt about the inconsistency of the bill in the 100th article of the Constitution, and fears that he would restrict the right to freedom of expression.

Kozlowski also proposes to clarify the amendments, according to which the penalty was imposed for assisting another state or a foreign organization in activities prejudicial to the security interests of Latvia.

As reported, in order to prevent possible encroachments on fundamental freedoms, the President Raimonds Vejonis when considering amendments to prevention of threats of a hybrid war offered clearly established that criminal liability may arise for unconstitutional actions.

In his address to the Sejm Vejonis drew attention to a number of controversial language law requiring editorial clarifications to the proposed rule did not contradict the Constitution and international obligations of Latvia.