However, according to the representative of the Latvian Confederation of employers (MCI) Peteris leiskalns, the average rate of medical insurance in the end should be about 18 euros per month.

"Today the situation is such. For the system as a whole required 350 million Euro. And 200 (million) are needed urgently, to start the system from next year. To amass this sum, you need to collect about 18 euros, with every Latvian", said leiskalns.

The expert believes that for this amount you need to raise the minimum wage, otherwise compulsory insurance hit a pocket of Latvians.

As previously wrote the portal DELFI, in the diet will establish a working group to develop a model of compulsory health insurance. The idea of creating a group belongs to the head of the Commission Aye barci, which discussed this issue with the Minister of health Guntis Belevich and the head of the sub-Commission on the health Romualda Rajyam.

Razuks said that the government plans to select the model of insurance from several options, the working group may propose one of them. According to policy, when developing the model of mandatory health insurance in Latvia could be taken as a basis system, which operates in Lithuania.

The task of developing a model of compulsory health insurance contained in the governmental Declaration.