"The optimal number of clubs that could be in the League — 24. It is mathematically calculated in the analysis of large amounts of data. The revision number of clubs and optimization of their formulations, a comprehensive assessment will allow to solve the problem with the spending cuts are going to compensate the players. Then will stimulate the labour market, and the top 40 players in the League would receive more than they are now, would remain and competitiveness," — said Chernyshenko.

According to the head of the KHL, is still the lion's share of the budget of KHL clubs is sponsorship money at the regional or municipal levels. And only 14% are revenue teams in the League from a commercial activity, ie what they do for the fans and television.

Chernyshenko said about the breaks in the calendar of the season-2017/18 at the Olympic games in Pyeongchang.

"Talked about the possible participants about the project the calendar in the Olympic year complex, full-bodied. In the end, have accumulated 33 days various interruptions, a 16-day pre-Olympics, 10 days will still be before the world Cup, and pauses, related to the stages of the Eurotour. At the head of the whole pyramid are the successes of the national team. Will definitely be paired the day, we understand the challenges that we face", — quotes words of the head of the KHL Championat.com.