Mae has previously stated that after March, the United Kingdom formally notified Brussels about startup procedures Brexit, the country's withdrawal from the EU was inevitable. However, Tajani believes otherwise.

"If Britain after the election will want to withdraw (article 50), the procedure is very simple," said he. The EP President also added that if the Brits change their minds and want to remain part of the EU, it will be beneficial for everybody. "I would be very happy," he added.

We will remind, last summer in the UK held a referendum on withdrawal from the EU. 51.9% of the inhabitants of the Kingdom called for the country's withdrawal from the community, 48.1 percent voted against. 13 March 2017 a bill to start Brexit approved by the Parliament, three days later it was approved by Queen Elizabeth II.

29 March the Council received a letter signed by the Prime Minister of great Britain Theresa may about the launch of the procedure Brexit, then began the countdown of the two-year period, after which the country should leave the community.

Meanwhile in the British Parliament there is no unity on the issue of withdrawal from the EU. About it Theresa may said this week, proposing to spend the country's early parliamentary election to strengthen the government and Parliament unity ahead of talks on Brexit, which start in June. Wednesday, April 19, the British Parliament supported the proposal by may. Early elections in the country should be on 8 June.