In Latvia, along with state-funded health care system paid there is a medicine when people, not wanting to stand in a queue on reception to the doctor or necessary studies, said the head of the Central Bank.

But to afford the services of paid medicine are few. Others are forced to wait for state-funded services.

"The health care system, I'm sorry, now available only for the wealthy," said Rimsevics.

He's in favor of health care reform, insisting that today important every day. Therefore, the reform should be implemented as soon as possible. But first we need to calculate what services can "pull" at the expense of state budget funds. And it's time to admit that not all of us can pay for.

The head of the Bank of Latvia believes that in the end, Latvia will have to introduce mandatory health insurance, that is, a system that operates in 16 countries of the European Union.

To Finance all the needs of health still need 679 million euros

In order for the government to meet all health, in addition to the current health budget still need 679 million euros, said the Chairman of the sub-Commission of the Seimas on public health Romuald Razuks with reference to calculations of the Ministry of health at today's discussion on the introduction of mandatory health insurance.

Razuks noted that this is not a new system — in Latvia it acted before the war and now exists in 16 European countries. There it is funded by contributions 9-16% of the gross wages of the working and non-working (children, unemployed and pensioners) health insurance paid by the state. In Lithuania, for example, your employer contributes for health insurance, employee 3%, the employee — 6% of salary.
In Latvia there is no alternative to compulsory health insurance, as the government cannot and will not be able to provide the necessary health care funding, believes Razuks.

According to estimates of the Ministry of health, for funding all health services from the state budget should be allocated 1.34 billion euros, that is now lacking 679 million euros.

In Estonia, the health budget amounts to 953 million euros, in Lithuania — EUR 1.44 billion, in Latvia — a total of 714 million euros, i.e. up to the average, you need another 200 million euros.

To receive this amount, each worker would have to the average gross salary, which in 2015 amounted to 818 euros, to be paid monthly for 25 euros, and to obtain the necessary for the provision of all health services 679 million euros to 74 euros per month.

Razuks supports the option of reallocating existing taxes for this amount and not the option of introducing a new tax.