The researchers analyzed 55,5 million page views of English Wikipedia in 2014, which referred to 10 002 the types of reptiles. Scientists have discovered that the most interesting are poisonous, dangerous to human types, as well as reptiles with large body mass or in danger of extinction.

It turned out that the greatest interest to Wikipedia users in 2014 was represented by the giant Indonesian monitor lizard, black Mamba, estuarine crocodile, king Cobra, Arizona agosub, water moccasin, Mississippi alligator, leatherback turtle, Nile crocodile, and closed ten common boa.

The most popular was the giant Indonesian monitor lizard to its page in Wikipedia users went 2 014 932 times. It is the largest lizard in the world, some representatives of this species can reach over 3 m in length and weigh more than 100 kg. Animal is endangered.

The results of this work can play a significant role in making decisions about the preservation of endangered species. The researchers plan to expand their study to see how things are going with other types of animals and even plants, as well as to perform data outside Wikipedia.