Victim Alexander is a 29-year-old passenger, Nadine O., which in the evening of 13 June, bus ride back home from Felsburg in Hamburg and decided to take a NAP. When she opened her eyes, he saw beside him armed with a knife of a stranger, who demanded money from her. While other passengers at the front of the bus, didn't even know about the dramatic events in the rear compartment. For help she rushed 65-year-old Reuben F., who was able to knock the knife out of the hands of criminals.

About Alexander we know that he was born in Russia, but at the age of two with her mother moved to Latvia. The first time he came to Germany in 2011, but in 2014, he was deported. That, however, did not prevent him to return in 2015. In Germany he wandered and did not have a roof over your head, often came into conflict with the law, repeatedly brought to trial for theft and drug addiction. Years of cocaine, heroin, ephedrine and alcohol led not only to liver disease but also seriously affected the mental state of the defendant. As noted forensic psychiatrist, Alexander G. gave a report of his actions and suffered from delusions of persecution.

The court found Alexander G., guilty, however, the Latvian escaped punishment because, according to the psychiatric report, the man diagnosed with alcoholic hallucinosis is the second most common metallogeny psychosis after delirium tremens. In the end, after 6 months of imprisonment the defendant was released. However, where he goes and will do what, nobody knows, because the citizen of Latvia no job, no home.