"All the gangs of ISIL* in Syria destroyed, and the territory itself released. The Minister of defence of the Russian Federation General of the army Sergei Shoigu reported about an hour ago the Supreme commander, Russian President Vladimir Putin", — quotes the chief of the General staff "Interfax".

"Today upcoming units of Brigadier General Suhela and 5th assault corps volunteer defeated the remaining illegal armed forces in (the province of Deir ez-Zor), and freeing the settlements Salihia, El KRATA, El-Katja and Musalaha, allied with government troops, advancing from the South," Gerasimov reported.

"Thus, today the territory controlled by ISIS on the territory of Syria does not exist", — said the chief of staff.

Soon after Vladimir Putin made a statement about the complete defeat ISIS, noting that he had received the relevant report of the Minister of defence Sergei Shoigu two hours ago.

The President did not rule out the preservation of individual pockets of resistance, but "in General, combat work at this stage and in this territory is over." "Finished, complete, repeat, victory and defeat of terrorists", — quotes Putin RIA "Novosti". The announcement of final liberation of Syria was made almost simultaneously with the long-awaited Putin's statement of intention to run for President.

At the Pentagon the day before said that the possibility of the early release of terrorists from Syria East of the Euphrates river for the most part its merit, not the merit of Russia, while not declaring the full liberation of the country. There, on the contrary, stressed that a global coalition will continue operations in Syria in support of local forces on the ground to complete the defeat of ISIS* and stabilize the liberated territory.

5 in December, the defense Ministry announced the imminent release of the terrorists of Syria East of the Euphrates river. November 21, Putin once again announced the imminent completion of the operation in Syria, outlining that the end of the year.

In late October, Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported that the Syrian army with the support of videoconferencing liberated from the militants an area of over 500 thousand square kilometers, 998 cities and towns and now ISIS controls less than 5% of the territory. On 10 November it was announced the capture of the Syrian army under the control of the last stronghold of the "Islamic state" in Syria — the city of al-Bukamal.

The Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev said that Russia is preparing for the reduction of the Russian contingent in Syria and the withdrawal of troops will occur as available.