Asked to assess the extent of corruption in Latvia, the Ministry of justice expressed the view that they "are quite large".

"It's like an iceberg that is above water is visible only a third. The rest of it is hidden under water. I don't know what the situation is in other countries, but, in my opinion, in Latvia's political environment is very fused with entrepreneurship. If we look at how many members of Parliament have relatives in business... In the media quite often there is information on transactions of various kinds, which involve direct or indirect influence of politicians," — said the Prosecutor General.

The President acknowledged that the relatives of politicians nobody forbids to do business, "but that's why I say that business very tightly fused with the political environment".

"It's not always a bad thing, I wouldn't say that. However, it is very difficult to figure out where everything is in order and everything is fair and where is not so transparent. To fit inside just words, without the collected evidence, is risky. For that, I would not undertake. But Latvia is a very small state, we should not leave anyone who is honestly engaged in business, — for that he respect and honor. If he had a relative in Parliament, this in itself yet do not speak. But there are problems. Many and different", — said the Prosecutor.

In his opinion, in Latvia very poorly written law on prevention of conflict of interests between the government and officials of local governments. But as the most significant challenges for all law enforcement agencies the President mentioned the lack of qualified professionals.

"In connection with the launched last year the reorganization of the Customs police of the state Revenue Service (SRS) Financial police and people either left work or moved to other institutions. Came a new, inexperienced people who will be future professionals. Along with this, consequently, quality suffers", — he explained.

". High rate of staff turnover happens for two years. All the time, but in the beginning of the crisis in 2008 have been negative balance: police leave more people than are coming. In 2014, this balance was first positive, but in 2015 and 2016, he again became negative. The work is really difficult, investigators downloaded, the quality requirements increase all the time. The court asked the public Prosecutor to was the quality, and again we have to ask about the investigation. It should be noted that the state police passed the reform on wages is a positive trend, it gives faith in the fact that in the future the situation will improve," concluded Erics kallmeyer.