The test was initiated after a common streak publicly information that, on 13 June, the staff of PB followed the streak.

As reported, the streak a month ago stated that followed by the security Police. Writes streak in Facebook, surveillance, she noticed on Tuesday 13 June: "knowing, as organized under surveillance, in a familiar environment in Imanta (where the politician lives. — Approx. ed.) it is easy to notice the characteristic for IB professional strength. Even welcomed one of the crew, and those surprise speechless".

"PB years is validation of data after interviews, questioned by journalists, stimulates the mystical criminal case the alleged disclosure of state secrets, the suspect man recognizes (Juris Wrasse), who reported a bribe offered to him and the inaction agencies. What state secrets are you now looking near the dumpsters of my apartment building?.. Follow instructions Kallmeyer, Masalskis, Kuchinskisa and Lembergs to find something and "dig in"?" — asks the streak.

"The security police and the Prosecutor General cannot be used for political purposes. It's against the law!" reminds a former employee of MCC, adding that the PB budget to spend on its direct functions, not on "administering to the oligarchs".

The streak in a conversation with LETA recalled that at the time, several years worked in the BOP operational officer and BPSK directed the operations work, because knows the specifics of monitoring and absolutely sure that she is watching PB. The streak also stressed that did not commit crimes and PB were not called, so don't know if instituted against her or held some kind of test.

In turn, the security Police rejected the accusations of the streak, urging her to refrain from unfounded public statements. And in case, if the policy has suspicions that in respect of it is illegal operational activities, file a complaint with the Prosecutor specified by law.