Germany reinstated border controls at the time of the summit of the countries "big twenty", which will be held on 7-8 July in Hamburg. "Schengen internal borders will be re-taken under the control in connection with high demands in the security sphere", — said the representative of the German Ministry of the interior in an interview with Die Welt newspaper released on Wednesday, may 17.

According to the representative of the Ministry, the monitoring will be made "flexible temporal and spatial criteria for all land, air and sea internal borders of the Schengen". The interior Minister of Germany Thomas de Mezieres (Thomas de Maiziere) has in writing informed the European Commission, the European Council, the member countries of the EU, participants of the conference of Ministers of internal Affairs and the authorities of Hamburg.

A temporary resumption of border controls caused, in particular, concerns about the fact that in Hamburg on the occasion of the summit of "twenty" can come prepared for violence, left-wing extremists from Denmark or Italy, Die Welt reported, citing sources in law enforcement agencies.