Ramsay said that he removed everything that happens in one of the camps of militants "Islamic state" in a hidden camera. He, being a Muslim, wanted to understand what motivates these fighters.

In the end, the journalist came to the conclusion that most of them live with illusions and are largely not even trained enough to carry out attacks. Armon noted that "in the past, they could become drug addicts or criminals," but now they have and the kind of choice that many people think is attractive.

According to them, most of the terrorists use the Telegram messenger. However, the police still monitors the militants and gradually hunting them. So the journalists admitted that militant camps gradually began to detain.

Thus according to them to trust from the militants is not so easy. Many of them are very strong paranoid, but if these doubts evaporate, they immediately accept you into the family," said one of the journalists.

Film premiere-the investigation of the French journalists is scheduled for 2 may.