Police said that the girls are 15 and 17 discussed the organization of the attack on the social network Facebook. Their plan suggested an attack like the shooting of the concert visitors in the Parisian theatre "the Bataclan" — the bloodiest episode of the November series of terrorist attacks in the French capital.

The girls, whose names are not named, were arrested on Wednesday, and on Friday they were charged with criminal conspiracy. The police said that the planning of the attack was at a very early stage. The publication does not say how police came to participating in the conspiracy.

It is known that in this case was interrogated by two of their peers, but then released.

During a series of attacks on 13 November killed 130 people: bombs were detonated at the stadium, made a number of attacks on the cafe visitors in several districts of Paris. At the concert of the American group in the theater, "Bataclan", the Islamists staged a massacre. After the attacks, France has introduced an increased level of terrorist threat.