"We were lucky we managed to come home before the rain. On the street dramatically darkened, the rain started. Then there was a knock on the window-sill, turned out to be is a grad - says Irina. - After some time in our apartment did. Neighbors say that there is no light in the whole city, when will appear is unknown. Together with the light disappeared and the water. As it was dark, and to do so in principle there was nothing, my child decided to go to bed.

Suddenly outside the window I heard the buzzing of a chainsaw. Went to the balcony — a lot of firefighters. It turned out, in the yard of a collapsed three huge birch. A strong wind knocked them ripped out by the roots. Lucky that at this point there were no cars, really lucky. Then came the representative supports the building of the company. The fact is that in the courtyard there are several large birch trees. For security purposes, they will most likely cut down".

Around 22.00 the rain subsided. People began to take to the streets to assess the scale of the disaster.