These coats are light and airy and, unlike the jacket, make the image more romantic, and easily adaptable to evening gown or cocktail dress.

The hit of this season — huge flowers, for example poppies, carnations or roses, without which this spring can not do! Not to overdo it with this bright trend, the collection includes several solid models of clothes that can be easily combined with great colors. Beige, black and white, dark blue and other monochrome tones will be the most reliable choice, if you dare to wear this bold print.

Gorgeous overall look will create the combination of floral pattern to the opposite tone — for example, the combination of blue tone prints with plain flowers with orange, pink with brown, yellow and green.

Another recommendation: combine floral prints with plain clothes, and use the related colors. For example, green and blue color will look great with yellow or blue.

In new collection you will find clothes made of light viscose actual colors of lavender and ivory.

Exquisite ornaments from fragile flowers scattered over the fabric, airy silhouettes and lightweight — the best choice for hot summer days. The collection includes also prints with a tropical pattern in soft and romantic pastel tones and colors of lavender, ivory and mint. The ease and simplicity combined with matte paintings and ornaments will create an elegant mood.

The pictures in the strip that are very popular on dresses, along with printed images of flowers and tropical prints this season have already started last year winning streak.

In the top also and intense colors — a cool yellow, a rich blue color and the already mentioned lavender. The items in the collection are easily combined, complementing each other and the strict transform from office to evening with add-ons and accessories.