Italian brand Pasotti Ombrelli is renowned for the production of exclusive handmade umbrellas and canes, as evidenced by the presence of its products in countless images of celebrities: his work was appreciated by such world famous personalities as charming Jennifer Lopez, bad boy, Sean Paul, stylish Hilary Duff, fergie and multifaceted elegant George Clooney.

You could even say that these canes have a role Hollywood stars, and some of them appeared in music videos of famous pop musicians. For example, in Heath Jennifer Lopez On the floor, where there is a luxurious design cane with a lion head.

And in single Sex Sean Got 2 Luv U — stick with elegant, made of Swarovski crystals skull.

Elegant and stylish canes brand includes more than 150 images, they are made from carefully processed precious wood and decorated with gemstones. In turn, the pen of the most exclusive umbrella Pasotti Ombrelli embellishes the butterfly, lined with Swarovski crystals.

Ladies especially appreciate umbrellas Pasotti Ombrelli of the characteristic of the brand's colourful motifs decorating the inner surface and accentuate femininity. Perhaps some of them we will soon see on the streets of Riga, as the visitors of the exhibition Baltic Fashion &Textile will be able to purchase individual copies from the rich collection of Pasotti Ombrelli.