"Saturday morning we had a problem: in the wall of the apartment located above our floor above, broke through the riser of cold water for General use. The accident was so powerful that within minutes our apartment was flooded almost completely! Water flowed in streams everywhere from the ceiling, from the walls! We did not have time to collect it - the feeling that we hit a tropical downpour! - says a resident of Vecmilgravis Alina. It's good in some sense we decided to leave a small child (year and 9 months) with my grandmother. I can not imagine if at that moment the child was at home with us.

Naturally, the first thing we did was call the emergency services Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks. This was done in 8.02. We were told that the workers will arrive immediately. But in the end they came only at 11.00 am! With the help of the janitor, who happened to be in this festive day, at home, were allowed to block the water".

"Three hours we ran around the house barefoot, trying to bail the water out. Lucky top flowed not boiling water".

"As a result of the flood the apartment for those three hours turned into a completely flooded room with broken furniture, with swollen water from ceilings and floors, peeling Wallpaper, broken wall pattern in the nursery, soaking wet clothes and shoes in the closets," the woman said.

And as luck would have it this year wife did not have time to insure the apartment. "Every year we buy insurance, and this year was not up to it - mom is sick," says Alina, adding that after the incident, she had several questions for RNP: "Why do emergency services get to us for three hours? Who and what is responsible for such a neglect of his official duties? Who will be responsible for the late riser repaired? We're constantly and regularly pay for home maintenance! And who will compensate all damages incurred by me? I'll ask for money from the woman whose apartment it happened and who raises her child alone".