On the morning of 13 November in Klaipeda mixed few seasons. Part of the city was covered with snow with rain, some streets turned into rivers and yards into lakes, where the water stream flowed into the basements of homes and schools.

"About 30 years ago, when my daughter got married, there were heavy rains. Then, too, flooded the garage, but there is nothing to compare — so there was no water," — said the Lithuanian news portal DELFI older Lipizzaner, a resident of Avenue Statybininku.

Helped him men said that he rented the latest pump. Soon, the men asked for help by an elderly neighbor that the water flooded the garage and basement. According to the woman, "water in the basement — 70-80 cm. As from a fountain flowed under water and vegetables, and blanks. About the garage I'm not talking! There's even the door will not open. There, too, preparations for the winter, now everything floats". She told me that she lives in this house for about 50 years. 30 years ago, according to her, in Klaipeda was also a flood but then the water was three times less.