The TV channel "112 Ukraine" notes that preparation for the dismantling of the statues began on 12 March when around the monument erected scaffolds, and on March 15 with the pedestal removed the labels. March 16, workers sawed the base of the monument about 16 hours, but was unable to remove it. The end of the dismantling was postponed to Thursday, March 17.

Monument to Lenin in Zaporozhye — the biggest of remaining in Ukraine and the last of the remaining in the regional centers of the country. It was installed in 1964, the height of 19.8 meters. The sculpture is made of bronze, the pedestal of pink granite. The hand of the leader pointing in the direction of the Dnieper dam. At the bottom of the pedestal were placed the bronze figure of the steelworker, construction worker, farmers and scientist.

From may 2015 in Ukraine has a law on the condemnation of the Communist and Nazi regimes. It prohibits the manufacture and public use of symbols, in particular, the image of the Soviet flags and emblems, and public performance of anthems of the USSR, the Ukrainian SSR and other Soviet republics. Even before its adoption, the radicals immediately after the change of government in Kiev launched a massive unauthorized dismantling of monuments to the leader of proletariat of Vladimir Lenin and other Communist figures.