Everyone had the opportunity to see and buy something from the new collection, get a gift from Lancome and also try snacks from Street Burger, and drinks from Absolut Vodka. For the music posted DJ Almost Famous, guests in the evening listened to the Latvian band Bandmaster, singer of which was wearing a dress from Dace Bahmann. The interior of the store have transformed the artistic and creative Baiba Pridule. Her idea with neon lamps perfectly complements the idea of the collection of the designer.

Collection of Dace Bahmann Wild spring/summer 2016 made in romantic, sports and urban style, which is very important and meets the latest fashion trends. The designer used gentle color tones and neon accents that refresh the palette.

Outfits complement the Flirty flounces and special embroidery. Clothes from the collection are mutually combined and perfectly suitable for everyday life and for special occasions, for example, for evening attire. Latest youth trend "mesh" is also included in the collection. It perfectly displays the urban and sporty touch to the collection. Dace Bahmann believes that it is possible to dress stylish at any budget.

Dace Bahmann in other words, the designer Dace Krievina-Bahmani has graduated from the art Academy of arts of Latvia. Now working in L'officiel magazine fashion editor. Prefers natural materials, individuality. She is always in search of a new, and devotes special attention to sensual dresses for women to display their femininity.