Commenting on the name of the concert, Inese Galante admitted to love not only for classical and Opera music, but other genres are great, including beautiful clothes, delicious food and even a purple carpet that Summertime festival didn't become red, thanks to the daughter of the singer Diana stylist moms and the image maker of the festival.

Фото. Открытие Summertime: Осокин левой играл, правой — танцевал
Foto: foto Publicitātes

Photo: Diana and Inese Galante and conductor Eckhart, Vitic.

According to Inese Galante, despite the fact that classical events in Jurmala becomes every summer more and more, her festival has no shortage of devotees of the audience ("for 13 years, we have become almost relatives") and faced with competition for artists ("even if they are somewhere still are, will always find time and original compositions for me").

Фото. Открытие Summertime: Осокин левой играл, правой — танцевал
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Photo: jazz pianist Daniel Kramer.

People's artist of the Russian Federation a unique jazz pianist Daniel Kramer reported that staying with the series for the fourth time, and so he likes that for regular participation in Summertime he has postponed his own Ural terra festival jazz in the city Kamyshlov near Yekaterinburg, which was difficult because "accounting and creative plans". And he did it dramatically and forever. Concert of Daniel you can listen to tonight.

For the third consecutive year leads the Summertime festival known conductor Eckhart, Vitic, who also willingly confessed his love to the Latvian artists and Inese Galante in person. World-famous Latvian baritone Egis Silins remembered that with Inese Galante sang a duet for the first time 30 years ago. In particular, in "the Love drink" by Donizetti, which the singers repeated for an encore, three decades later. A press conference, the singer admitted that he is very happy to sing at home in Italian, because the last time his repertoire more and more German-speaking.

Declaring himself a rival of Egils singer Sergey Jeghers asked to call themselves "Kommerts-tenor" and collected the "cash-in" virtuoso performance of the song Amor Di Johann of Schwarzenberg and Ricordare from "Requiem" by Verdi in a duet with Inese Galante. According to tradition, the scene at the time gave the young talents a young violinist Anne-Maria Nikiforova from Spain and tenor Vadim Akaruku, the latter also presented the Duo with INES.

Фото. Открытие Summertime: Осокин левой играл, правой — танцевал
Foto: Publicitātes attēli

In the photo: composition The Man I love from Andrew Osokin and Gabii Birini.

The representative of the dynasty of pianists Sakinah Andrew, who just a fortnight ago, has collected notices on the name of the concert and rehearsals of the program "Three Sakinah in Jurmala", prepared for Summertime surprise: in addition to the solemn finale of the First piano Concerto by Pyotr Tchaikovsky, performed for two dancer Gabija Birina performed an unusual number – left hand flew over the keys in the rhythms of Gershwin The Man I love ( actually, the tune was written by four hands of two performers) and the second "dance" sensual setting with Gabija Birina. Honestly, the idea gave the idea of Diana Galante.

The hostess of the festival, welcomed the guests and the audience in several languages – Latvian, English, German and Russian. Tribute singer gave Parliament speaker Inara Murniece and the mayor of Jurmala Gatis truxinic.

Completed the opening of the traditional "Drinking" from "La Traviata", which the actors rehearsed carefully.

The festival will continue for five days.

10 August at 20.00 - "Intrigue. 2 saxophone and piano". Performed by jazz pianist Daniil Kramer (Russia) and fellow saxophonists Alexander and Dmitry Bril (Bril Brothers, Russia), accompanied by jazz ensemble.

11 August at 20.00 - "Passionate swing. Alice Francis" performed by Alice Francis (Romania, Germany), inspired by the jazz of the 20-30-ies of the last century and work of Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holliday and other jazz luminaries.

12 August at 17.00 concert live in London by the outstanding Latvian pianist, three times winner of the Great music award Reinis Zarins. 20.00 concert "the Balkans in Italy" by Klezmerata Fiorentina (Italy), among fans which Mstislav Rostropovich, Zubin Mehta, Daniel Barenboim, Martha Argerich, Vladimir Spivakov.

13 August at 20.00 - "Gala Galante". Together with Inessa Galante will perform famous mezzo-soprano from Russia Olesya Petrova, singers from Latvia Sergey Jeghers and Intars Busulis, as well as Alice, Francis and Daniel Kramer. Conductor Eckhart, Vitic.