In the fierce competition of climbing on the tower, starting in the relay, firing at targets and hunting in the forest issues, the match was won by 12 With a grade Palauskas Valmiera gymnasium. Honorary second place went to 11 In the class of cēsis state gymnasium, and the top three was closed by 9 B class Palauskas Valmiera gymnasium.

They were joined by 15 more classes that do not intend to give up and try in the finals to regain the leading position. The first semi-final of "ZZ Championship" has successfully overcome:

9 A class Valmiera state gymnasium
11 In class Smilansky gymnasium
10 A class of Valmiera state gymnasium
A class 9 Lascassas high school
11 A class Palauskas Valmiera gymnasium
11 EV class vecpiebalgas high school
10 A class Varalakshmi high school
11 A class of cēsis state gymnasium
12 A class of Public school Gulbene County
11 With a grade of Valmiera state gymnasium
10 And Smilansky class Central middle school
12 A class of Ludza 2nd secondary school
9 M class Sigulda state gymnasium
11 th grade Salacgrīva secondary school
9 th grade Jaunpiebalgas high school

First place winners, 12 With a grade Palauskas Valmiera gymnasium, participates in the "ZZ Championship" for the fourth year in a row and third time takes place in the Grand final. Champions semifinal liked orienteering in the forest, which was divided into four and demanded a level of erudition, logic and knowledge of the whole team. The class captain said that the game of the year for special teams: "We last year together, finish school and want to see this "ZZ championship" has remained in our memory, even more United and we showed that we are strong. Orienteering in the forest is something unprecedented, the most vivid emotions of the present day".

For teams who are in first and the rest of the semi-finals was less lucky, nothing ends. "ZZ championship" offers a second chance to participate in "the world Online". After completing a very simple task, still 18 classes can get a ticket to the big finale of "ZZ Championship" in Jurmala.