Dog meat is considered to be in South Korea delicacy, however, not every dog is suitable for cooking. Chi Chi was sick paws, and restaurateurs just put it in a trash bag and carried it in the trash.

Animal welfare activists who have found and came out a dog, claim that lovers of traditional cuisine hang animal legs and otherwise mistreat, because it makes the meat softer. From death in the kitchen Chi Chi saved the fact that her paws were struck by the infection. However, once among the debris with their associated legs, the dog survived only by a miracle. When she was found and taken to the vet, it became clear that to save the limb fail.

The dog was rescued by society Animal Rescue, Media &Education (ARME). They gave her the name Chi Chi, which translated from Korean means "loving". "We were not even sure that it will survive, – said the head of the animal protection organizations Shannon Keith. A terrible infection had practically deprived her of her feet and soon had to hit the entire body".

However, according to Huffington Post, the dog endured the amputation of legs and the next day tried to get up. Representatives ARME took a video of Chi Chi and posted it on the Internet. The video attracted the attention of the Americans who decided in whatever was to take the dog up to him. Two months after this Chi Chi from Seoul flew to Los Angeles and then went to Arizona to new owners.

12-summer Megan Howell, whose family was sheltered by a dog, said: "she Has a huge will to live. She just loves people despite what happened to her in the past".

For Chi Chi manufactured the prosthesis, thanks to which she can walk and even run. The dog is able to do all the things that can make her relatives met the owners, wagging her tail, playing ball with them. Can't she just own up the stairs. But it seems not sad.