Earlier this week the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and her husband, Prince William, spent a delightful weekend with the kids in the French Alps. Pictures divided the society into two camps — some were delighted with the Royal couple, others complained that the aristocrats live too wasteful.

Millions of people around the world were touched by the beautiful children of William and Kate — Prince George and Princess Charlotte. In turn, Kate and William went. The British press to the smallest detail studied their ski suits. Particularly alarmed by the fact that the Duchess of your hand warmers in the mittens of fur that cost a few hundred euros.

There was also noted the fact that according to the published schedule 33-year-old Prince William attends charity event, much less my grandfather's 94 — year-old Prince Philip.

This coincidence finally angered the British, and they his anger poured out in a virtual environment, indicating that Kate and William do not perform their official duties, and just travel the world and spend taxpayers ' money on expensive things and leave the class.

Of adding fuel to the fire the local press, which every day throws up the British some new fact about how expensive the maintenance of the Royal family.