Tasha Mayakovskaya on his page on Instagram posted a petition calling to join the fight with a new song Baskov "homage to women". The fact that it has the words: "I dedicate the song to women flirtatious and gullible, brunettes, blondes, red, from one meter fifty and above".

"We - women below 150 cm - Express our protest in the address of the new song Nikolai Baskov "homage to women"! Nicholas, You are the people's artist of Russia and not only, as You can do to prevent in their songs such as "from one meter fifty and above"? What about those who are below 150cm?! We do not, or are we not women?! Personally, I'm ashamed of what our country folk artists such educated and tactless. We ask that You change the lyrics and not to engage in discrimination against women who are below 150 cm", - asked the singer model-dwarf.

The singer stated to the Russian press, that the words were written by Andrey Reznik, but he is not. If necessary, he can sing in chorus "of fifty meters and below".

34-summer Tasha Mayakovskaya last week received a certificate of the Russian Book of records, which shows that it is the lowest model in the country. The growth of Tashi — of 86.2 cm