The Alliance advises the heads of States to restrict their speech to 2-4 minutes in the course of the discussion, told the publication Foreign Policy some sources in NATO and former senior American officials. "The Alliance cancelled plans to publish its traditional full statement following the meeting, the purpose of which is to clarify the latest strategic position of NATO," — said the author of the article Robbie Gramer.

"25 may will host a meeting of heads of state of all 28 countries-members of NATO, which will be the first summit of the trump, where he will meet face-to-face with the Alliance, which he has repeatedly criticized during the presidential campaign. NATO traditionally organizes a meeting within the first few months of the presidential term of the new head of the United States. However, trump makes the Alliance more nervous than any of his predecessors, forcing organizers to look for ways to make this boring event more lively," reads the article.

"It's just funny how they are preparing to deal with the tramp, — said the knowledgeable source. As if they will communicate with a child with someone with a very short attention span and fickle spirits who have no idea about NATO nor the interest in serious political issues, nothing".

"People fear his unpredictability, they are afraid of how he'll react, knowing that the President can Express their opinion or to publicize it on Twitter," said the former official.

"At this meeting the leaders of the NATO countries plan to open its new headquarters — a brilliant modern building, which should symbolize the new Alliance. But it also embodies the flaws of the Alliance. The building was completed very late, and the expenses exceeded the total allocated budget", — notes the edition.

"A senior NATO official, talked to Foreign Policy on condition of anonymity, expressed concern that this could become a sore point for trump, while he is forcing European countries to spend more on defense. Although trump may not know very much about the military Alliance, he publicly declares that he knows something about the delivery of construction projects on time and at the stated price," — ironically the author.

"If they can keep the attention of trump, the head of NATO is expected to discuss at the meeting two main issues, which will meet the priorities of the President: the fight against terrorism and the sharing of costs," reads the article.

The issue of combating terrorism the United States urges NATO to the official introduction at the summit, the coalition against ISIS, but as Foreign Policy reported by numerous sources that Germany opposes the idea.

"His views on cost-sharing seem to be more ambitious than the views of his predecessors, — the former Deputy Secretary General of NATO Alexander Vershbow. A discussion about the division of expenses may not go very smoothly".

In the words of one former NATO official, the agenda of pacifying trump, it seems, is to represent the fact that NATO is already doing — increase in defense spending and continued support of US actions in Afghanistan and the campaign against "Islamic state"* — "new wrapper" for the President.

"They think that they will solve everything by pouring old wine in new bottles," said one former senior American official. "Whether they will buy that trump remains unknown," the paper concludes.