"Know the difference between philanthropy and sponsorship? – asked the crowd of journalists and artists Boris Teterev. The first is a charitable activity aimed to slightly improve this world. It is related to art, health, and development, for example, reconstruction of Nepal after the earthquake in which we participate. And patronage – the aid of the arts: ballet, music, poetry... Some people think that patrons are those who are buying pictures time-tested masters of the cheap, to then sell for millions. I prefer to support today's art and give the opportunity to develop young..."

The Fund of Boris and Inara Teterev for the seventh consecutive year helping the population of Latvia in an incredible amount of different areas – from dining to needing to repair the Rundale Palace, but especially favored by Blackcocks young people to make programs for its development and cultivation.

Фонд Тетеревых: в Риге поставят скульптуру "Платон и Демокрит" роста Порзиньгиса
Photo: Ilmārs Znotiņš/Publicitātēs foto

Photo: Helena Demakova idealist and a pragmatist Boris Teterev discuss the sculpture "Plato and Democritus".

For five years the Foundation has funded the creation of the best TV versions of theatrical productions in Latvia - Teātris.zip. Thanks to him, the viewer was able to see live and recording 144 of the play. In the new season, to be joined 26, including seven created specifically for child audiences. This year Teātris.zip promises to pay more attention to the Riga Russian theatre. M. Chekhov – two Latvian television channels will show one of the most striking productions – "Medea" directed by Vladislav Nastassia. Moreover, LTV-7, the show will go in Russian with Latvian subtitles.

This week the 90th anniversary will be celebrated Latvian radio theater, in that four years ago, the Fund has breathed new life project Re!Starts. Including "Tales of a taxi driver", among which there were a series of actors of the Riga Russian theatre Veronica Plotnikova, Anatoly Pecina, Leonid Lenz. This year it is planned to record a theatrical production translated into Russian language detective Andris Kolbergs, in which the main role will be voiced by Yakov Rafalson. This production will sound on the radio "doma laukums".

Фонд Тетеревых: в Риге поставят скульптуру "Платон и Демокрит" роста Порзиньгиса
Photo: Ilmārs Znotiņš/Publicitātēs foto

Photo: created in the framework of the Teterev Foundation's art object of Aigars Bikse “the girl with the shoes” in the Botanical garden.

Next year it is planned reinforcements in the the objects of the urban environment, under the leadership of former Minister of culture Helena Demakova (read more about the principles of selection of sculptures Helena – here) set in different places of Riga. New artistic object "Plato and Democritus" in growth Kristaps Porzingis sculpt young artist Ernests kļaviņš (most known as a cartoonist) – one of the scholarship Fund of Boris and Inara Teterev, whose exhibition under the title "notes from the self-evident" was held in Latvian national Museum of art.

"It is a philosophical work about the origins of the European thought, explained the plan, Helena Demakova. – There are two lines: the idealistic Platonic, which assumes that truth exists. I am a Platonist. And the artist himself – he's a materialist, a follower of Democritus. He is for rational thinking. The work will be done as if from Lego – a hint on the current situation with the triumph of mass culture environment".

As part of an art cycle "Leaps and bounds" from 24 November in the Riga stock exchange will host an exhibition of one of the most important modern art museums in Europe – the Finnish KIASMA. The main focus of work in the style of pop art. That fall, in the Great hall of the Latvian national Museum of art will host the exhibition "no name value", which creates a team of artists with five generations of people, led by their teacher, Professor Ojārs Peterson, who in 27 years of teaching has created his own school, developing the Department of visual communication.

From 26 October to 3 November in Riga and Liepaja will International competition for young pianists. Joseph Vitola. The music of the Latvian composer, Creator of the first (the piano), the Department of the Conservatory (Music Academy), will sound from the stage mandatory. Also in the money Fund, at the time invested heavily in the restoration of the Rundale castle, will be issued books dedicated to the restoration and inventory of the Palace.

"All done is only the beginning - said at a meeting with journalists, Boris Teterev. – In 2021, to officially conclude the celebration of the centenary of Latvia, we will open the new The Museum of modern art 8 thousand square meters. The largest exhibition space in the Baltic States. Today it employs 20 local companies and the best foreign. That's get a permit for the construction of unique solutions, a fantastic staircase, cinema room with operable walls... I Promise it will be so much more interesting. Here only this morning I had a new project until I announce it, let the intrigue continue..."