Moroccan national team on Saturday won the team of côte d'ivoire (2:0), topping their group and having the right to participate in the 2018 world Cup in Russia. After the game fans poured into the street and began to smash buildings and cars. Raging supporters have burned at least one car, broke Windows and looted shops, according to the Belgian police.

Belgium has a large Moroccan community, estimated 4% of the population. One of the witnesses published in the "Twitter" video as police disperse a crowd using water cannon.

The police said that water cannon were used to quell the crowd of nearly 300 people, many of whom threw rocks.
To bring the situation under control and restore calm, the police managed to 21:30 local time, reports AFP.

The Minister of internal Affairs of Belgium Jan Jambon condemned the riots, calling in the "Twitter" incident "unacceptable aggression in the centre of Brussels". He added: "living together means respect, including the police, which provides around the clock our safety".

In the Netherlands large groups of Moroccans and residents of Moroccan descent, too, celebrated a football victory on the streets. In some places the celebration also turned into a riot, and the police in the Hague said on Twitter that some threw objects at police officers. In Rotterdam dancing fans launched fireworks the colors of the flag of Morocco is red and green.

Meanwhile, in Morocco thousands of football fans celebrating on the streets of Marrakech, Casablanca and other cities.