The case was heard on the basis of the claim Pankratov — the child's father, who demanded from the Latvian authorities to register the boy under the name "Miron Antonov", as well as to collect from the Registrar's office for a refund.

The Latvian side insists that the spelling of non-Latvian names into Latvian shall be in accordance with the norms of the Latvian language. Thus, a child might register under the name "Mirons Antonovs". However, this solution does not suit his parents. Earlier it was reported that the boy's family outraged that the sound of a name ending in "C" ("Mirons") reminds the Latvian word "mironis" ("dead").

As reported by Delfi Pankratov, the European court of human rights is final and cannot be appealed in any court, including a Grand Chamber or in any other judicial authority. The Secretariat of the court may provide additional information about the above-mentioned decision and to continue the correspondence on this complaint.