EU Commissioner for home Affairs and migration Dimitris Avramopoulos said that he made every effort to convince the Budapest, Prague and Warsaw to change their stance.

"I've tried to convince these countries of the EU, so they have a little bit of solidarity. Alas, I never managed to do it. Unfortunately, we have to take the next step," said Avramopoulos at the meeting of the European Commission in Brussels.

Due to lack of participation in the redistribution of refugees the EU Commission in June started a penalty procedure against Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic. Since these measures have not led to the desired result, the European Commission had to appeal to the EU court. The European court may subject violators to monetary penalties and to require those States to comply with the requirements of Brussels.

In 2015, Brussels, approved the rules for redistribution in European countries and about 120 thousand refugees primarily from Syria. These measures was to relieve Greece and Italy from the flood of refugees who crossed in the boats of the Mediterranean sea. However, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary in breach of its legal obligations to the EU and has not taken the necessary steps.